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Some advantages of doing meetings, conferences and workshops aboard cruise ships

An exciting new way of doing business that is cost efficient and cost effective and produces high participant satisfaction!

Many newer ships have state of the art meeting and conference facilities that are far more cost effective than land-based hotel facilities. Additionally, many venues on ships such as production theaters etc., would be extraordinarily expensive to create in a hotel or simply not possible to do and can be used for your events at no charge. Some benefits of shipboard events are:

1. Simplified coordination - details are taken care of for you. An onboard coordinator is assigned to work with you at no additional cost to ensure smooth operations. A World Voyager Vacations Meeting Division escort will be there working with you to ensure the most successful program possible. Special Hospitality/Registration desks can be set up for your group as well as cabin deliveries of Welcome Aboard gifts etc. Daily bulletins will be delivered to your group's cabins and a special TV channel can be devoted to your group.

2. All transportation, meals and Broadway style entertainment are included which can save substantial dollars compared to doing these individually in a land hotel.

3. A variety of activities are available for all members of your group which leads to a more enjoyable and valuable experience.

4. State-of-the-art equipment and facilities are included in the price. LCD projectors and other top quality audiovisual equipment is included in your cost. Rental rates at hotels for this type of equipment can be quite high.

5. Shipboard events overall are less costly than land-based events on a per person basis. They are great value. For example, the only charge for meeting room refreshments is a setup fee of approximately $10 for 20 people. A hotel would cost significantly more.

6. Special amenities can be tailored to best serve your group. A high level of customization is available including predominantly displaying and using your company logo on napkins, butter, and a variety of ways to showcase your company.

7. The opportunity to visit several places without the hassle of packing and unpacking.

8. Security is greater on board a ship than at a land-based facility if security is an issue for your company.

9. If you’re having a business-related meeting or seminar on board the ship, you will have higher participation by attendees who can’t skip out of your program to go play golf or be interrupted with phone calls, etc.

10. Special activities such as Beach Olympics and other group events can help foster team spirit and boost morale leading to improved performance in the work place. They are fun, exciting and can maximize participation.

What do the pros say? Mark Tonkin, Sales Manager for Microsoft has sent salespeople to Marketing Forums aboard ships for each of the past 3 years. His conclusions as reported in the Wall Street Journal are that these types of meetings yield more contacts and follow-up business than comparable meetings on land. "We definitely prefer a ship to a hotel," says Mr. Tonkin. "Once you have your target audience on board, they are contained and focused and it’s a far more conducive atmosphere for doing good business."


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